Arte Journal (14/08/2018)

The Lira lost 40% of its value since early 2018. I reported for Arte on how the Turkish media are (not really) covering the crisis. With a restricted media landscape, it is easier to cover the latest presidential speech or Trump's comments rather than the structural weaknesses of the Turkish economy. (Videographer, editor, producer). 

New York Times (31/07/2018)

Every week, Selahattin Demirtas’s wife, Basak, 41, travels the length of the country and back — about 2,000 miles — to talk to her husband through a window in the high-security prison at Edirne in western Turkey. (Videographer). 

New York Times (24/06/2018)

What does an election look like when democracy's very survival is in question? (Additional videographer)

Euronews (31/05/2018)

More than two million Syrian children don’t go to school and they’re among refugees in countries such as Turkey. Story with Euronews looking at the risk of a "lost generation" in the endless conflict. (Videographer and editor). 

Arte Journal (10/01/2018)

MyKali, Jordan's first LGBT magazine and one of the first in the Middle East, turned 10 in January as the Jordan government tried to restrict access to it online. (Videographer, editor and producer).